Making Clinical Trials
More Patient Centric.

Enabling Research Sites to retain
patients through virtual visits

Only 33% of people listen to Voicemail
30% of voicemail linger unheard for 3 days

94% of smartphone users age 70 years and up, text on a weekly basis
Video check-ins can guide a patient through the trial

Uncover The Non-Verbal Cues

  • Facilitates virtual video visits
  • Answer questions about e-diaries/questionnaires; able to ‘read’ patient and their understanding

  • Promote patient centered communication
  • Visit, Diary and Medication Reminders


How Virtrial Works


  • Adds convenience since virtual visits can be conducted anywhere, on any device
  • Opens study opportunities to a larger, more diverse population
  • Access to new and improved medications more quickly

Research Site

  • Meet enrollment goals due to access to more patients- less travel and ability to draw patients from farther away
  • Increase patient compliance through risk ranking and personalized engagement plan
  • Increase patient retention through convenience and engagement
  • Maintain PI oversight through virtual check-ins
  • Less devices to maintain at site and learn on since app is loaded onto any patient device


  • Able to make pre-emptive decisions based on reporting and analytics
  • Complete studies on time
  • Decrease study budget
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)- saves money, simpler logistics planning, easier training
  • Can be used by any research site

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Hybrid Trials

Our vision is to enhance current research studies by replacing 25-50% of the visits with virtual video visits. We want to help sites maximize resources and get you results faster.

Digitally Innovative and Secure Features

Interpretive Services

Cloud access via any commodity device

Secure HIPAA compliant conversations

Client side encryptions

Dynamic side encryptions

Workflow automation

Communication Rules Engine

Push Notifications

Data analytics and reporting capabilities

Scalable and customizable to any protocol

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Discover How We Can Help You To Improve Enrollment, Compliance and Retention


Why Virtrial Now?


Of patients want to participate in relevant clinical trials. (1)


Of potential patients live more than 2 hours away from the nearest study center. (2)


Of potential patients would participate in a trial if it had virtual visits. (6)


Of sites fail to enroll a single patient. (3)


Drop Out Rate in Standard Trial. (4)


Drop Out Rate in Virtual Trial. (5)

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With VirTrial you’re making Clinical Trials more convenient for patients and sites

Increase Retention
and Compliance

Drop out rate

Virtual clinical
trial is 5%

Standard Phase III
clinical trial is 30%