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Making Clinical Trials
More Patient Centric.

Enabling Research Sites to retain
patients through virtual visits

Why VirTrial Now?


Of patients want to participate in relevant clinical trials. ⁽¹⁾


Of potential patients live more than 2 hours away from the nearest study center. ⁽²⁾


Of potential patients would participate in a trial if it had virtual visits. ⁽⁶⁾


Of sites fail to enroll a single patient. ⁽³⁾


Drop Out Rate in Standard Trial. ⁽⁴⁾


Drop Out Rate in Virtual Trial. ⁽⁵⁾

1. CISCRP 2013 Survey. | 2. B. Adams, “Fierce Biotech”, March 2017. | 3. Medidata, “Non-enrolling sites come at a price”, March 2016 | 4. S. Elvidge, “Importance of Patient Retention Strategies,” Life Science Leader, April 2010 | 5. Center Point internal review data, C. Morgan, “Are Clinical Research Sites a Dying Paradigm?” | 6. Pharmpro- “Are Site-Less Trials the Future of Clinical Research?”, May 2018.

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VirTrial Features

Any device (BYOD)
Any site

7+ years proven use with award-winning telehealth platform (1700 hospitals, 100,000 visits per day)

Unique audio and video splitting if bandwidth is low
Up to 6 parties can engage per virtual visit.
Foreign language interface options available if they are needed.

Variety of encrypted communication modalities (video, audio, chat) 


Programmable to automatically manage secure patient engagement e-mail and text reminders at study or site levels


Reporting features to view compliance; allows sites/sponsors to be proactive

VirTrial Site Focus

Free training for sites on virtual care platform use
Free training for sites on telemedicine etiquette
Sites receive Virtual Trial Capable Certificate
Sponsors and CROs can continue to use their preferred sites
Industry will quickly realize the benefits of hybrid decentralized trials

Hybrid Trials

Our vision is to enhance current research studies by replacing 25-40% of the visits with virtual video visits. We want to help sites maximize resources and get you results faster.

How VirTrial Is Different



Hybrid Decentralized Model

  • Supports sites – Improves their ability to conduct trials more efficiently.
  • Patient-centric – Combining technology with the human element to ensure patient safety along with patient convenience and satisfaction.
  • Immediate Solution – Can be implemented today on any device at any site.

Team Experience

  • 50 years combined clinical site operations experience.
  • Over 10,000 trials conducted.
  • Easy to use solution developed from a true site and patient perspective.


Site-less Model

  • Replaces sites – vision for a single metasite.
  • Technology-centric – Another device to provision, for sites to store and for patients to learn; removes the physician to patient relationship.
  • Small solution – Very few studies can safely support a site-less model.

Team Experience

  • Minimal to no clinical site experience.
  • Another technology solution developed from a top down approach.

Increase Retention
and Compliance

Drop out rate

Decentralized Clinical
Trial is 5%

Standard Phase III
clinical trial is 30%

Analytics allow for Preemptive Intervention

With VirTrial you’re making Clinical Trials more convenient for patients and sites

Virtual Trial Capable

Find research sites that are certified ‘Virtual Trial Capable’
and ready to conduct Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) today!

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Digitally Innovative and Secure Features

Foreign language interface options


Cloud access via any commodity device


Secure HIPAA compliant conversations


Client side encryptions


Dynamic side encryptions


Workflow automation


Communication Rules Engine


Encrypted messaging/notifications


Reporting features to view compliance


Scalable and customizable to any protocol