The healthcare landscape continues to change at an unprecedented rate. New advancements from Blockchain for healthcare to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are taking the industry by storm and reinventing the way care is provided. Innovation in the clinical trial space, however, has been sluggish.

Fortunately, disruptive technology is beginning to emerge in the clinical trial space, and reform is taking shape. The emergence of virtual trial platforms that enable remote clinical trial visits are bringing greater value to pharmaceutical sponsors, simplifying trial management for CROs, and enabling participation of a broader and more diverse patient population.

Streamlining Clinical Trials with Virtual Visits

One of the key benefits of using a virtual trial platform is recruiting more quickly and keeping patients engaged throughout the entire trial. By reducing the number of in-person visits where patients must travel to a clinical site and replacing them with virtual visits that can be conducted from anywhere, participants are more likely to complete the program.

Filling the Need for a Combination of In-Person and Virtual Visits

Simple trials that do not necessitate physical interaction are obvious candidates for virtual trials. But what happens if at least one of the visits has to be completed in person? These scenarios, which are common, require the flexibility to mandate that certain visits can be done virtually while others must be completed via in-person visits. Providers offering a hybrid approach to virtual trials can easily handle protocols that require both types of visits in a single trial.

Benefits of a Hybrid Approach to Virtual Clinical Trials

When trial protocols require a qualified medical attendant to physically meet a patient in person to conduct testing or perform specified interactions, a solely virtual program becomes an impossibility.

VirTrial’s secure, cloud-based virtual trial platform was designed by industry veterans that understand the requirements of pharmaceutical sponsors. It is fully intended to be used as a hybrid solution to accommodate a wide variety of trial scenarios. With a behind-the-scenes understanding of how trials work, VirTrial’s platform is CRO, research site, and patient-friendly.

Any Clinical Site Can Use VirTrial

To further account for multiple types of clinical trials, VirTrial’s app can be used by any clinical site so that pharmaceutical sponsors can continue to work with their existing clinical trial ecosystem or select those that they deem best qualified for their trial.

Patients Use Their Own Device with VirTrial Virtual Trials

With cost in mind, VirTrial developed a virtual trial platform that runs smoothly on any device so that patients can use their existing personal device without the need to carry and learn how to use something new and different.

This also saves the pharmaceutical sponsor a great expense from buying a device for each new participant. Further, since patients are using their personal devices, it is possible to contact them months or years after the completion of the trial to collect long-term, real-world feedback.

Easy-to-use App for Both Patients and CROs

Sign up for a demo to see the app in action and talk to an experienced trial provider to get a full understanding of how VirTrial can simplify your clinical trials.

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