Meet the Team


Mark Hanley

Mark Hanley


  • CEO of Radiant Research/Synexus (10 years)
  • Board Member of telehealth & translation companies.

Kim Kundert

Kim Kundert

VP of Operations VirTrial

  • VP of Operations/New Site Development for Radiant Research/Synexus (19 years)
  • Site base grew from 3 to 85 during tenure.

Amanda Rangel

Amanda Rangel

VP of Business Development

  • Global BD Director for Radiant Research/Synexus (8 years)
  • Founder and Operations Director for US site network, HUNT Services (7 years)

Emil Hoeck

Emil Hoeck

Director of Business Development

  • Global Key Account Manager experience at Syneos Health
  • Built a global strategic site relationship program

Team Experience

Conducted over 10,000 trials

Firsthand patient insights

Firsthand physician insights

Firsthand site level challenges


A solution built from a site perspective, designed to simplify the user experience and streamline the process at the site level.

What is VirTrial?

VirTrial has a stable, long-standing virtual care platform customized for clinical trial use with both patient and site needs in mind. VirTrial is using virtual care to transform the clinical research industry by offering a patient management program that combines video, text, and email for clinical trial sites to easily and conveniently address specific patient and/or study needs in a secure environment. The platform can be used on any device and at any site.

The company vision is to replace 25-40 percent of standard clinical trial visits with decentralized clinical visits to create hybrid studies. This model is best suited for Phase III and IV studies, rare diseases and to replace traditional telephone calls within a protocol.

VirTrial enables higher performance by clinical trial sites, greater accessibility to trials for patients, and improved outcomes for pharmaceutical companies. Working together we can bring better medications to market more quickly.


2007 -2017

Leadership team at Radiant Research, conducted >10,000 trials; felt site and patient challenges related to trial enrollment and retention.


Telehealth platform designed and implemented in healthcare.


VirTrial acquires proven telehealth platform; customized for clinical trials.


Pilot study conducted – Results confirm both site & patient-centric platform.
SCRS GIP announced; supporting site sustainability.

Collaboration with industry associations SCRS and ACRP to offer sites free Virtual Trial Capable training and certificates.

Enabled hyperCORE International to become the first Virtual Trial Capable site network in the world.

Launched VirTrial’s first FDA approved hybrid decentralized trial with Hope Biosciences.

Enabled Pratia to become the first Virtual Trial Capable site network in Europe.

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