Deric Frost

VP of Virtual Pre-Site


Deric Frost is a telemedicine entrepreneur who co-founded the SaaS telehealth company eVisit, and served as Chief Revenue Officer for SnapMD; an award-winning virtual care management platform. Deric brings to VirTrial a strong history of helping startups and early-stage software-as-a-service (SaaS) healthcare IT companies develop the operational experience needed to build systems and scale technology. 

As co-founder of eVisit, Deric also held the role of Chief Operations Officer and managed all aspects of execution and operational efficiency. He has extensive experience in tactical planning and building out teams across departments of emerging companies. With a passion for developing meaningful strategies to improve healthcare delivery, he works to find new ways to connect all areas of the telehealth ecosystem to drive better outcomes for all.

Throughout his career, Frost has helped grow a diverse range of companies – from small, family-run businesses to VC funded startups to corporations in the Fortune 500. He has collaborated with former executives from top global brands, and worked on two Grammy-nominated music albums. A self-described utilitarian startup executive, Frost has proven his capacity to strategically prepare companies to scale fast.