It’s no secret, many of the volunteers who decline the opportunity to be part of a clinical trial do so because of the distance to the research site location.
They can’t see themselves driving 1-2 hours to the site and then driving 1-2 hours back home every week for the duration of the trial. Many sign up and then drop out before the trial ends, creating additional use of resources in finding replacement patients and delaying the results of the trial.
For this reason, it was time for a new solution…

Welcome Hybrid Clinical Trials

Hybrid clinical trials use innovation to shape the future. A Hybrid trial is one that combines in-clinic visits with virtual visits. By taking a dual approach in the assessment, implementation, and monitoring stages of the protocol it will bring about significant changes in traditional trial processes.
Such a new and radical model has the potential to transform traditional technological applications and focus the attention towards the comfort and convenience of volunteers. The hybrid model will also increase the efficiency and consistency of data collection.

The remote and mobilized systems not only appeal to a larger sample size for the study, they also attract greater diversity in the biological profiles of the volunteers. Innovative technology assists in categorizing the most suitable volunteers for the trial. This can effectively reduce trial expenses while making it easier to carry out studies on a national or global scale.

Better Quality Data and Faster Results With Hybrid Clinical Trials

The hybrid model benefits research sites and pharmaceutical companies by improving recruitment and enrollment of appropriate volunteers as well as assisting in maintaining protocol compliance and subject retention through the duration of the trial.
The cloud-based platform and dual-end encryption ensures the security and confidentiality of the data acquired. Information is captured in real time, so it can be evaluated and behaviors adapted immediately if need be.

The hybrid model is feasible, effective and convenient for all stakeholders. It can be easily configured and scaled for your protocol needs. The model will save valuable time and money in getting new medications to patients in need.

That is the beauty of Hybrid clinical trials and the Future is now.

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