Virtual Trial Capable

Find research sites that are certified ‘Virtual Trial Capable’
and ready to conduct Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) today!

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Pharmaceutical companies are focusing on patient and site centric features.

Cost savings- ability to reduce study drop-out rates;

save time and money for sites, patients and sponsors.


Virtual visits/platform improve protocol compliance and study retention.


Increase geographic reach and diversity of patient populations.


BYOD model- app works on any device; no provisioning of devices.


Foreign language interface options available

VirTrial Commits to Site Sustainability

Clinical research sites worldwide have access to complimentary training to become certified as virtual capable.
Pharma can continue to use their preferred site networks.

  • Real-time reporting of AEs/ more accurate data
  • Hybrid decentralized model assures continued PI oversight

Retention and engagement features can be built at study level.


Provides innovation and disrupts a portion of the broken drug development process.


Designed from site and patient perspective; industry veterans.

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