Prepare for the transition to hybrid decentralized clinical trials (DCT).

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Training 1Telehealth Best Practices (length-7:25)

Training 2Adding a Study Participant (length-1:07)

Training 3Patient Participating in a Visit (length-2:03)

Training 4Conducting a Scheduled Visit (length-1:30)


Access to VirTrial’s Virtual Care Management (VCM) platform is available to sites engaged in studies that include decentralized visits in their study protocol. If you are a site representative and are interested in integrating decentralized visits into your studies, please recommend us to your study sponsors and CROs.

Designed for Research sites and patients.
BYOD model. App works on any device. No storing and inventory of devices needed.

Hybrid Decentralized Model

supports site sustainability

Simplified user experience

better protocol compliance


Patient is comfortable with the device as it is their own.


Patients can communicate via their preferred method in a secure environment.

Become certified as a Virtual Trial Capable site so that pharma can use your site on a trial with decentralized clinical visits and potentially increase the number of trials being conducted.

Reporting dashboard to monitor compliance so you can take action to prevent deviations.

  • Real-time reporting of AEs, more accurate data
  • Hybrid model assures continued PI oversight

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