It’s not likely that clinical trials will become 100% virtual in the near future since there are still a number of factors that necessitate in-person visits. However, remote visits are ideal for certain types of visits, for instance those that require study wellness check-ins and medication compliance checks, which can safely and easily be accomplished remotely. In fact, it’s quite likely that one of your next trials will include at least a small percentage of virtual visits in addition to in-person visits in its protocol. Prepare in advance with virtual trial training.

Large pharmaceutical companies are starting to design protocols that include virtual components. The new technology provides incredible opportunities for them to save on costs, increase the percentage of successful outcomes, and facilitate quicker delivery of new medications to market. There’s also increased convenience for patients, who can comply with regularly scheduled visits from anywhere rather than having to travel to a research site for every visit.

Sites have a lot to gain from incorporating virtual visits into their practices as well. The same benefits of time-savings that patients experience from virtual visits are realized by clinical staff. Consider having a direct video chat with your patient from your desk without the need to gather them from the waiting room, direct them to an office, and escort them back to the front desk when you’re finished. Additionally, with the VirTrial app, you have access to medically certified translators and multi-line calling with the click of a button. This feature alone can save significant time by eliminating language barriers.

Virtual Trial Training

The question is not if, but when, your site will be asked to run a trial with a virtual component. Advanced preparation is key to ensuring your involvement in these trials. Sponsors who require virtual visits in their protocol will have no choice but to select research sites that can handle that requirement. Start now to ensure your site remains competitive in the new age of clinical research.

VirTrial is offering a training and certificate program that enables research site staff to get educated on the process. The program consists of four short online training modules and participating sites receive a Virtual Trial Capable Certificate and badge to notify sponsors and CROs. As part of the program, VirTrial will regularly provide sponsors and CROs with a list of Virtual Trial Capable sites which could increase the number of trials being conducted at your site.

Prepare Today So Your Site Doesn’t Get Left Out

Complete virtual trial training so your staff is prepared to conduct hybrid decentralized trials when sponsors or CROs approach your site. Using a telehealth platform for virtual visits in a hybrid decentralized clinical trial improves communications with patients, improves protocol compliance, and supports patient retention. Contact us to schedule a free demo or visit our website to learn more about the VirTrial Virtual Trial Capable training and certificate program.


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