Clinical research is a critical component in determining the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, and treatment regimens. Whether used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or simply symptom relief, the pharmaceutical industry relies on clinical researchers to test and validate potential new remedies. Without the valuable work of professional clinicians, the industry would stall.

At a time when science, technology, and funding have never been higher, clinical research professionals are called to step up and make advances across the industry. To keep up with the pace of advancement, clinicians must reinvent methods for accomplishing goals. There are many new options available today that were not imagined at the time the clinical research process was originated. 

Today there is an incredible opportunity, and a responsibility, for all clinical research professionals to be proactive in learning about new solutions and methodologies that can move the industry forward. Learning about new technologies in wearables, electronic forms, mobile devices, telemedicine, and decentralized trials also provides clinicians the opportunity to increase their knowledge and value within the industry. Progressive sites have already started providing training, running pilot studies using new technologies, and incorporating new processes and procedures.  

VirTrial Supports the Evolution of the Clinical Research Industry

VirTrial is committed to driving the clinical research industry forward and supporting clinical research site sustainability in this new tech era of clinical trials. With a strong appreciation of the persisting value of human connection, it’s important to ensure educated and experienced clinical professionals remain integral to the process even as the industry evolves and technology plays a larger role. 

With that in mind, it’s also important to be flexible and open-minded. As one example, VirTrial has reviewed it’s communications and is making a change in vernacular to work in lock-step with industry regulators. The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), with support from the FDA, recently led an initiative to develop CTTI Recommendations: Decentralized Clinical Trials. The effort included standardizing industry terminology to encourage consistency and minimize confusion. As a result, the term Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) was coined and described as trial visits “executed through telemedicine and mobile/local healthcare providers (HCPs), using procedures that vary from the traditional clinical trial model (e.g., the investigational medical product [IMP] is shipped directly to the trial participant).”¹

VirTrial communications will begin to reflect this new terminology with a goal of supporting the industry, streamlining communications, reducing confusion, and ultimately making an impact on the success of the industry as a whole. There is an urgency to move the needle on clinical trial recruitment, retention, patient diversity, and completion rates. There are solutions available today to make it happen. Let’s all work together to create change for the better! 

Learn more about VirTrial’s network of Virtual Trial Capable sites that are ready to conduct DCTs today. 

¹ – CTTI Recommendations: Decentralized Clinical Trials

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