Hope Biosciences’ mission is to develop and deliver adult stem cell based therapeutics for chronic and life threatening conditions. For nearly 3 years, we focused entirely on development but the real challenge was in delivery. The patients whom we serve are in need of solutions that will help make treatment easier and ensure compliance throughout the trial duration. After reviewing countless vendors, we found that VirTrial met our needs as a sponsor and most importantly, the patient’s needs. VirTrial’s partnership in our trial has opened doors for patients who would otherwise be unable to participate due to health and mobility. Together, we are able to safely deliver and monitor our therapies from the comfort of one’s home. What this means for the world of cell therapy is nothing short of groundbreaking!

Donna Chang

CEO, Hope Biosciences


I went through the training … and it is well done… and I think that the site staff will like how easy it is to understand. Based on this training, the VirTrial software seems very intuitive.

Kim Ray

VP, Site and Patient Networks (retired), IQVIA

Our global CRO has been vetting vendors for our decentralized Clinical trial model for some time. I have vetted dozens of vendors in the decentralized trial space, in an effort to better understand what each vendor was offering and how each technology was being integrated and deployed. Our CRO aims to bring in a telemedicine partner for clinical trials and ultimately picked VirTrial for our decentralized research ecosystem because of their amazing technology and their flexible yet dynamic model.  VirTrial allows research site PIs to conduct virtual visits & physical exams on their own patients, unlike other platforms that mandate using only their appointed physicians who do not have an already established rapport with the study patients. Biorasi believes that the continuity of service and rapport between doctors and patients is a vital element to successful clinical model and study execution. VirTrials platform offers this continuity and flexibility. VirTrials team comes from the clinical research site landscape. They are intrinsically knowledgeable about all things clinical research, particularly from a sites perspective. The value of this experience cannot be oversold. The Technology is device agnostic which was another vital piece in helping us make a decision. All these elements are vital to success in this segment. From my perspective it makes complete sense to go with VirTrial and their model over the competition.

Ignacio Handal

Director of Program Management, Biorasi


One advantage I could see from remote visits is convenience for patients especially those that can’t drive or live far from the closest site.

Clinical Research Coordinator, CCT Research


More trials should be done this way. You could probably increase patient volume.

Rachel D.

Study Participant , Albuquerque Clinical Trials